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Professional skin care products Christina helps to achieve significant results quickly and safely in the treatment of acne, post-acne, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation and prevention of skin aging.

The production process based on the most modern technology, the latest scientific developments and the principle of using only environmentally friendly raw materials.

Most professional beauty experts use the Israeli skin care products Christina.

The brand has both products intended for home care and those used in professional salons. Manufacturers have developed separate cosmetic lines with the aim of solving specific problems.

Christina skin care products have been popular in the global market for over thirty years.

Skin care products have passed clinical trials in accordance with ISO and GMP.


“My mom and I got Chocolate Massage yesterday. It was really wonderful and a super sweet masseur. Can really be recommended ” 

Heidi Struck, July 14th

“At my bachelorette party, I got a 1 hour chocolate massage. Never have I tried anything so wonderful and amazing. Thanks "

Tania B Jørgensen, 18 August

“I have had nails done several times now and I am mega happy and satisfied every time! Can highly recommend the place ” 

Pernille Nielsen, 28 February

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