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Нижняя часть тела

Remove stretch marks - up to 80%

With Striort you can reduce the stretch marks and see results after the first treatment.

Striort is performed with a powerful vacuum effect. There are no scars, wounds, crusts, blood or subsequent pain, but only possible redness and tenderness for up to 24 hours after treatment. 

The finishing treatment consists of Striort special creams, which activate the skin. It is important that you apply the supplied creams to the treatment areas. You will need the creams for the next 21 days.

We recommend 1-3 treatments can go up to 30 days between each treatment. 

The treatment can be performed on all areas of the body.


PRICE:  Included in the price you get the Striort creams for the finishing. The price per. treatment area is  2000 kr .

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